How to Get a Free DSL Account

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How to Get a Free DSL Account. Getting a free DSL account involves more than simply contacting one of the many Internet providers advertising free service on the web. It now involves a little conniving and creativity on your part. But the rewards are worth it, especially if you need the Internet to get your job done.


Find a freelance writing or consulting job with a company that reimburses you for certain out-of-pocket expenses. Negotiate with the company so they provide a DSL account free of charge. Relinquish the reimbursement for paper goods and other supplies.


Get a job at a company that provides laptop computers for employees who agree to work extra hours at home during their free time. Many laptop computers come equipped with a DSL connection.


Enter into a telecommuting agreement with your present employer. In exchange for providing certain company benefits, ask the company to provide a free DSL account.


Contact RCN, a DSL provider known for making deals with first-time customers. RCN promises certain incentives in exchange for short-term agreements. Ask about a free DSL account, at least for a limited time. Offer to sign up for one of RCN's other services.


Sign up for a high-speed Internet connection at Verizon's home page. Verizon provides a free DSL account for one month in exchange for a one-year agreement.


Access the Internet page for Faster Results. This company provides links to free DSL accounts offered by a variety of providers. Each one contains a special deal. Review the list entitled "DSL Providers" at this company's home page.

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