How to Write Test Script Training

by Andy Carr

Testing is commonplace in a number of industries, as products and services are tested all the time to verify whether the product or service being delivered matches up to expectations, or it could have possible legal implications if a product is unsafe or unreliable. This is particularly true in the software industry, as software must match a set of expectations if it is to be used in the real world. In order to test properly, skilled testers should be employed who know what and when to test.

Training material for testers must reflect expected standards and minimum requirements for a set of products, services

or scripts.

Write the introduction for the training. Introduce the training document in terms of the different types of testing. These could be of several different types including functional, nonfunctional, stress testing, benchmark testing and others. Research and cover those areas of testing considered relevant to the training material (in terms of test scripts) and intended audience.

Provide step-by-step instructions in the main body of the training document with example scripts. Each field in the test script should be explained. For example, explain the inputs required, objectives of the test, test cases in detail, any steps required and tester identification. For training purposes, try not to be too specific, but provide general typical examples of the fields required on a test script.

Describe the reasoning behind testing and why it is important. The training document should explain why certain fields are needed in a test script and the importance of testing and documented results of testing.

Conclude the training document with appendices, a glossary of terms, references and pointers to further related training. Provide a feedback form for the student to indicate areas of improvement, or amendment in the training document.

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