How to Change Google AutoFill

By Michelle Carvo

Updated September 21, 2017

Google Autofill lets you modify your profiles.
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Google Autofill frees you from the need to type the same name, address, and credit card information into every web form that you fill out. However, if Autofill isn’t storing accurate information, it’s not just annoying – it can enter the wrong data. Both Google Chrome and Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer give you access to the Autofill service, but the procedure for changing Autofill information differs in each application.

Chrome Autofill Data

The first time you fill in a form, Chrome automatically stores the data you enter as your default Autofill profile. Subsequently, each time you enter data into a form field, Chrome stores that information as well (but not in an Autofill profile). When you click a form field, the initial value you entered for the field and any other values you entered for the field appear as options in the drop-down list below the field.

To delete Autofill information that has changed over time or that you didn't intend to save, press Shift + Delete on an Autofill entry as it pops up on Windows PC or Shift + fn + Delete on a Mac. You can also add, change or delete information from Chrome's Autofill settings.

Changing Autofill Settings in Chrome

To add, edit, or delete Autofill entries from your Chrome settings, type in chrome://settings/autofill in the URL field of Chrome.

If you’re signed into Chrome, the credit cards that appear in your Autofill settings are also saved to Google Payments. Edit these payments by going to, clicking on "Payment Methods" and then "Edit" to change or remove your card from Google Payments. You’ll see “Fix” instead of the “Edit” option if the card is currently expired or has some other error.

Deleting Chrome Data Saved Within a Time Period

Chrome also gives you the ability to remove all your Autofill entries when you clear your browsing data. Type chrome://settings/ into the URL field and press "Enter" to access Chrome's settings. Scroll down to and click the "Advanced" option followed by "Clear browsing data." Select the time period that you would like to clear and then select the data to delete, including Autofill data if desired. Click "Clear Browsing Data" to complete the clearing process.

Changing Autofill Settings in the Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar on Internet Explorer does not gather any Autofill data automatically. You must add, as well as edit and delete, Autofill Settings on the Autofill tab in the Toolbar Options dialog. To open the Autofill tab, enter chrome://settings/autofill into the URL field and press "Enter." Clicking in the Autofill field in your profile will allow you to edit the information. Click “Remove” next to your saved profile to remove the information from Toolbar.

Autofill Security Concerns

While using Autofill can certainly save time, it’s not without security concerns. If a website uses hidden fields, it may look like you’re just using Autofill to enter your name or email address, while in the background the Autofill data for your address or credit card is captured by the site in a way you won’t see unless you look at the site's source code.

To turn Autofill in Chrome off completely, type chrome://settings/autofill in Chrome’s address bar, press the Enter key and click on the switch next to “Autofill” to turn it off.