April Newsletter Ideas

By Monica Dorsey

Updated January 09, 2018

Create a fresh, spring themed April newsletter.
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Coming up with new themes for a newsletter can be challenging. The month of April is associated with many holidays, which allows for some exciting newsletters. Keep readers interested by surprising them with an April theme.

April Fools

April Fools is known as a day filled with hoaxes, gags and good humored fun. Make sure the April newsletter is read cover to cover with a special contest. Create a special "fooler" article describing a silly event or false news item. Make sure it is appropriate for the audience. Have readers send an email to the editor guessing which article is the fake. Have a raffle including all the people who had the correct answer. Announce the winner in the next addition of the newsletter. It is a great way to celebrate April Fools Day and create an interactive, memorable newsletter.

Spring Renewal

April and spring go hand in hand. Spring is the season for renewal and new beginnings. Adapt the theme to the audience. Include articles for fast spring cleaning in a "Working Mom" newsletter, or tips for organizing a desk for an employee newsletter. A corporate newsletter can include articles about any changes in the company or highlight the organizations goals. Keep the articles fresh to make the April newsletter shine.

Earth Day

Earth Day is recognized in the month of April. With an Earth Day theme, have informational articles regarding the risk of neglecting the Earth. Have a section giving tips on how to be more eco-friendly in the office and during the commute. Spotlight the company by highlighting efforts they're making to be Earth friendly. Have a multiple choice trivia quiz with facts regarding the planet for an interactive element.

Religious Holidays

April is probably best known for the religious holidays. Easter and Passover are held in April and can help organizations build unity. Depending on the audience, have articles regarding the holidays. As a filler, include popular holiday recipes. Include a feature covering the owner or partners' families about what they do for the holidays. For a weekly newsletter, have readers email their favorite holiday memories to include in the next edition.

Jazz Appreciation Month

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Have a creative newsletter with articles about one of America's true art forms. Highlight the Jazz Appreciation concerts and festivals taking place in the area. Include a jazz music recommendation list. For an email newsletter, include links to jazz music online. A paper newsletter can have a match game article, matching the jazz artist in column "A" with a popular song or instrument in column "B." The unexpected jazzy edition will keep the newsletter interesting.