How to Get Rid of the Date on My Printing

by Mario McDaniel
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Printing documents has become a daily routine for many computer users, whether at work, school or home. Often the documents we print are important for financial, tax, legal or other reasons, and we typically print them with a date stamp. If you want to eliminate these date stamps from documents you print off the Internet, there is an easy way to do so whether your browser is Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 1

Click "File" in Internet Explorer, then scroll down and click "Page Setup". A new window will pop up showing different layout options for a page. You will notice a section that says "footer" and "header." Remove the tag that says "Date" from either the footer or the header section and click save changes. Now when you print, the date should not appear.

Step 2

Hit either the "File" menu or "Options" icon in Mozilla Firefox and scroll down to the part that says "Page Setup." A new window will open. Hit the "Page Setup" tab. You will see fields for a footer and a header. Remove any unwanted tags that include dates. Save the options and close the menu. Other programs, such as Notepad, also follow the same structure.

Print a test page. If a date still appears, make sure it is not a part of the document itself (i.e. the website_. If the date still shows, check your printer's settings under the control panel. Depending on the model of your printer, you might not be able to add custom footers and headers to every page.

Items you will need

  • Computer
  • Printer

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