How to Write a Spiritual Journal

by Ian Moore

Keeping a spiritual journal is a great way to keep track and monitor your progress on the spiritual path. Writing in a journal not only is therapeutic, but it also can improve your creativity. Note your struggles and accomplishments as you ascend into awareness. When you read your journal years from now, you'll realize how much you have grown. This is important to anyone who wants to record his spiritual progress.

How to Write a Spiritual Journal


Find a calm and quiet place where you cannot get easily distracted. This could either be a room in your house, a spot at the beach or a place in the woods. Choose an area where you are not afraid to express yourself and a place which encourages a peaceful mind.


Write down your goals. Include your physical, relationship and career goals. Do you want to fast for a few days, or cut down on drinking? Write down anything you want to do to improve your health. Understand that if you want to improve your spiritual health, you must also take care of your physical health.


Record meaningful dreams. Although it is recommended to record all dreams, for your spiritual journal just record the dreams that touched you and your belief system.


Write down your experiences during mediation and prayer. Record any flashes of inspiration or visions that may come to your mind.


List any meaningful quotes you come across. Write down any particular Psalms or any other spiritual sayings or prayers that are really inspirational to you.


Vent your anger or any other emotional issues. It is better to write about these feelings than to take it out on the people around you or to keep them inside you. The spiritual life is a long journey. Everyone has flaws. It is important you embrace and examine your flaws by writing about them in your journal.

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