How to Write a Profile About Yourself for an Online Dating Websites Ad

by Contributor

There's no guarantee that the person answering an ad on an online dating site is someone you'd want in your life. However, you can increase the possibility it's someone you might like with an effective profile. Your profile will determine not only what kind of person you're looking for, but will tell other readers if they want to contact you. A decent profile should be short summary of who you are and what you want in another person.


Write a list of all the traits you want your ideal date to have, starting with the most important and working your way down. Wittle down the list to the essentials. Anything you're not 100 percent sure of needs to come off the list.


Shorten the traits to keywords or keyword phrases. For example, if "Someone successful in business" is on the list, it might end up as "successful."


Make a list describing your own personality traits. Start with constants like "I'm a morning person" and work down to the ones that might change. Pick the top three or five from this list, and reduce them to keywords.


Reconsider every word to avoid any misunderstandings that could discourage the reader. "Successful," for example, could turn off someone who hasn't "made it" yet but is on his way. If you want to keep that kind of person in the running, change successful to "ambitious" or "wants a secure future."


Write a headline that incorporates a few of the most important traits you're looking for and the three most important traits your mate would be looking for in you. For example, "Pretty, career-oriented woman seeks ambitious man who wants kids."


Write the body of the personals ad in the style that comes naturally to you using the words from your lists. Keep the whole ad under 250 words. Don't ramble on with details about hobbies or family members, but ideally more than half of the profile should be about you. The rest should clearly say what you're looking for in a date.


  • check Don't immediately post the completed profile. Wait a day or two, then read it again to be absolutely sure it's what you want to say.


  • close Always use care when you make personal contact with people you meet over the Internet. Verify their identity, always tell a friend where you are meeting this person and that person's name and contact information, and always use a public place for the first meeting.

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