How to Wipe a Hard Drive Using Norton

by Jackson Lewis

From time to time, computer administrators and home computer users will need to wipe a computer hard drive in order to dispose of or donate the machine. Simply formatting or deleting all of the information on the computer's hard drive will still allow data to be recovered by others at a later date. Norton Ghost comes with a system utility, WipeInfo, which will allow you to wipe a hard drive multiple times in order to prevent undesired data recovery by others.

Open the "WipeInfo" system utility by clicking the "Start" menu and choosing the "WipeInfo" icon from the Start menu.

Select the "Edit > Browse" menu button in WipeInfo and select your computer's local drives. On most computers this will be the "C" and potentially "D" drive if disk partitioning is set up on your computer.

Choose the "Wipe All" menu button in WipeInfo, which will delete the information in the drives you have selected. You can increase the number of times that the drive will be deleted by selecting the "Wipe Info" menu tab and entering a number between 0 and 100 times.

Exit "WipeInfo" by choosing "File > Exit" after the file deletion is complete.

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