How to Win Sweepstakes Consistently

by Contributor

People win sweepstakes everyday. Why not join them? Companies who offer sweepstakes are doing so to promote themselves or a new product. You can win sweepstakes consistently if you put forth the effort. Read on to learn how to win sweepstakes consistently.

Find a source for new sweepstakes. You can find several sweepstakes websites by doing a Google search. Other sources include woman's magazines, newspapers, and local grocery stores.

Set up Autofill to make sweepstakes entry fast and easy. You can use this feature on your Google Toolbar. Download the Google Toolbar if you do not have it already. When you click on Autofill, instructions will follow that will allow you to enter sweepstakes with a few clicks instead of typing in all of your information for each and every sweepstakes entry.

Set a daily time to enter sweepstakes. This step alone will greatly improve your chances of winning. The more entries the greater your chances of winning. But sometimes life gets in the way and you don't enter a sweepstakes for several days or weeks. When you miss this time you have forfeited valuable entries.

Read the rules of the sweepstakes that you enter. Some sweepstakes only allow one entry during the sweepstakes period while others allow daily entry or something in between. Entering more often than the sweepstakes allows may disqualify you from the sweepstakes. Don't let this happen to you. Read the sweepstakes rules.


  • check Talk to others in sweepstakes forums for inspiration. You hear first hand of people winning on a consistent basis.

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