How to Wget Complete Directories

by Contributor

Wget is a very useful and diverse program. You can use it to perform a number of features, including downloading a complete directory. You might want to do so in order to save online content for offline viewing or to back up your own Web site. You can save an entire Web site or "mirror" it, as well as save all the pages it links to. Just follow these steps to Wget complete directories.

Download and compile Wget onto your computer. You can view related eHows to learn to do this if you haven't already. Download Wget from the GNU Web site-the programs creator (see Resources below).

Open Wget and open the command prompt window. The command prompt window will need to be open to enter the code.

Enter the command "wget -m" to save an entire directory or Web site. Make sure you actually use the Web site name, not "nameofwebsite."

To save the directory and all the other pages/directories associated with it, you can enter the following command: "wget -H -r --level=1 -k -p"


  • check Use Wgets other features (like resuming broken downloads) to complete your Web site backup successfully.
  • check Enter the help command prompt "--help" if you're having trouble installing or operating Wget.


  • close Be wary of the pages you're downloading. It may compromise your free hard drive space. This is especially true if you download all the associated pages as well.

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