How to Vote for Top Rated at Badoo

by Contributor

One of the coolest things about Badoo is their top rated system. Badoo goes beyond a normal social-networking site and gives you the opportunity to be an instant star in your own social circle. Learning to vote for top rated at Badoo is pretty straightforward and you'll soon find yourself addicted to promoting others' profiles to stardom.

Log in to your Badoo account.

Browse the network. At the top of the website, a gray navigation bar allows you to go to several places on the website. The "Browse" option is what you use to find friends and locate contacts. When you first come to the "Browse" page, you find a list of the hottest Badoo members at the moment. The site changes quickly, so you can jump in and start voting right away.

Check out the profiles you want to see. Simply click on the name of the profile you're interested in. Scroll through his journals and picks and if you like him, you can vote for him using the Badoo system. In the right corner of the profile is a small green square with an up arrow on it. Click on it to promote this profile to a higher ranking.

Forgo it all and vote right away if you want. When you first show up on the site and see the list of people, you can vote for them instantly without even viewing their profiles. This is a quick way to vote for pictures that you like.

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