How to Use Unity Web Browser

by Contributor

Unity's web browser is actually referred to by the company as a web player. Learning to download and install Unity's Web Player is simple. Finding the games is a little more difficult, but there are a few that are fun to play.


Download the Unity web browser (see link in Resources). There, you will see that it is called the "Unity Web Player." Select the version you wish to use from Windows (2000, XP or Vista) or various Mac OS X versions (10.3.9 or later). Open the .exe file to run the auto-installation. Click "Finish" when the web player has finished its installation.


Close all open browsers. Make sure they have completely shut down, including any extra features you typically run from your browser like streaming media players or instant messaging, for example. If you do not close these items before installation, you may find that the installation is incomplete.


Open the Unity Web Player so that games written for this player will work on it. The Unity Player integrates with your browser (Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, Camino or Safari). Select from a number of games by visiting the website for that game, much like you might for a Flash or Java game. There are even a number of demos available on the main website.


Use the Unity Player for educational purposes. Learn anatomy at the website (see link in Resources). Find the educational chart of human head anatomy that covers aspects relating to an introductory level anatomy and physiology course. Rotate and position the head as desired using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. Zoom in and out. High-light specific features by clicking on the medical name at the taxonomy bar on the side of the screen to examine the specific anatomical part on the list at various angles. Fade out the rest of the anatomy to look like an X-ray to enhance the part you are examining.


Use the Unity Player for entertainment. Play the game "Hordes of Orcs" to defend your territory (a gate) from orcs by building defenses. Use a variety of towers throw anything from arrows and spells to toxic radiation to stop the invasion. Use spells to alter the behavior of the orcs to make them easier to target. Do not let the orcs get to the gate on your side of the screen or you will hear villagers scream in the distance.


Use the Unity Player to soothe yourself into mind-numbing bliss. Programs like "Anan Mediapond" or "Zen of Clover" are noncompetitive and undemanding. Use Mediapond to have a goldfish float around the screen in a 3-D effect. Use the Clover program to hear soothing sounds as you search through a field for four-leaf clovers.

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