How to Update My Website

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An up-to-date website is essential for any business in the modern era. With so many potential customers on the Internet, regularly updating your website is more important than ever. Although you can use a simple text editor to edit the html code directly, most people find using a website design and update program easier.


Go to the link below and click on "Free Trial." After registering at the site, download Adobe DreamWeaver, a website design program for updating your website.


Download your website in html or htm format using the FTP server from your hosting company or the "File Manager" feature of your hosting company. (For example, if your website is hosted at, then go there, click on "File Manager" and download "index.html.")


Decide whether you are more comfortable working with a graphic visual interface or looking directly at the code. Click on the "Design" button to see the website from a graphical perspective or on the "Code" button to look at the html.


Update your website by adding the necessary new paragraphs or lines of code. If you are using the graphical view, click "In Context Editing" to create a region where text can be edited. Clicking on the region again will cause a cursor to appear so you can edit the text directly on the webpage using the design interface.


Update your website in "Code View" simply by finding the line where text needs to be added or changed, and replacing your old text with the new information.


  • check Click the "Live View" button to see how your updates change the website as it appears on the Internet.


  • close Be sure that your updates have had the desired effect before saving over the old webpage.

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