Top 10 Free WebSite Domain Providers

by Charles Pearson

While starting a website is not very expensive, some companies provide free web hosting as long as they are allowed to place advertisements on your site. These hosting companies also tend to limit the amount of content you can store on the website. Also, as a warning, many of these free web hosters may go out of business or stop providing free hosting after a while. does not place any ads on your website. The hosting company allows new hosters to have their own domain names instead of having to use domain names chosen by the hosting company, according to Free Domain. 200 MB of web space and 4000 MB of monthly file transfers are included. provides 50 MB of free web space and 1,000 MB of file transfer service. also provides a variety of other services such as a blog builder, webrings and a guestbook, according to Free Domain.

Free Servers

Free Servers provides 50 MB worth of space for free and the monthly bandwidth allowance is 1 gigabyte. Free Servers places banners and pop-ups on your website, which you receive no compensation for. A premium subscription is also available for $3.95 a month.


Obosor offers free web hosting plans and a pay web hosting plan. All versions offer firewall and tech support, according to 100 Best Free Web Space Providers. This company provides 100 MB of disc space and 1,000 MB of bandwidth.


SBHost promises to always be free. The plan allows for 500 MB of bandwidth. Ads are on SBHost but these ads can be taken off, according to 100 Best Free Web Space. One downside is that SBHost tends to continually change its homepage URL.


UltraGB offers the largest amount of storage space and bandwidth for free. UltraGB provides 1 GB of space and 25 GB of bandwidth, according to 100 Best Free Web Space Providers. They also provide the MySQL database, FTP accounts and email accounts that many paid web hosting providers offer.


ATSpace provides free 50 MB of space and allows web owners to have unlimited traffic, according to Iron Spider. ATSpace also provides a free FTP hosting account and a free web-based file manager.


50Webs offers a free web hosting plan with 60 MB of disc space and unlimited bandwidth. 50Webs also allows website owners to control their own ads and make a profit off of them, according to Iron Spider. Otherwise, 50Webs lacks a lot of the bells and whistles of other free web hosting programs.

Free Hostia

Free Hostia offers a version of their hosting that is free. They provide 250 MB of storage space and 6 GB of bandwidth, according to Iron Spider. They also have a variety of features such as a SMTP server.


AwardSpace offers a free banner-less version of webhosting that allows 5 GB of bandwidth and 200 MB of bandwidth, according to Iron Spider. However, Awardspace has a list of words that cannot be used on their free websites.

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