How to Start Web Pages for Free

by Barb Nefer

If you don't have a website yet, creating free web pages is a good way to get started without spending any money. There are plenty of free web hosts that offer easy-to-use page creation tools. If you choose one and practice web page creation, you'll soon have web pages that will make you proud.

Make a list of the features you want on your free web pages. Will you be posting static information, or do you want users to be able to interact with you? If so, how? Do you want a chat room or a guest book? Will you want to put a counter on your web pages so you can track the number of visitors and page views, or do you want to let visitors answer poll questions? List all of the capabilities you would like your free web pages to have and decide how much storage you will need.

Find a hosting site that provides free web pages with your desired features. There are many hosts that offer free websites in return for being able to place ads on your web pages. You can find a site that lists free hosts, along with details of the features they provide and the amount of allowed storage, in the Resources section.

Visit websites hosted by the free web providers. Notice the type of ads they put on the web pages. Are they simple banner ads on the top or side of the pages, or are they pop-ups that might annoy your visitors? Use your impressions to narrow down your list to the providers with the most unobtrusive ads.

Choose a free web host from your list and sign up to create an account. Most likely you will be required to provide your name, date of birth and email address, and you will also have to choose a user name. Some sites may also ask for your address and telephone number. If you don't want to give that information, choose an alternate free host that doesn't require it.

Make a note of your new home page address. Free hosts typically provide an address that includes their name. For example, if you chose a web host called Freepages and an address of Mysite, your address might be

Begin creating your free web pages. Each free web host has its own procedure, but they are all similar. You will create a file using an interface similar to a word processor to create each page, which will then be saved on the host site. You can link your pages together and insert elements offered by your particular host, such as counters and guest books. Practice as much as needed, as you can delete and recreate your pages as often as required in order to learn how to use the tool.


  • check Even if you chose a host site that doesn't offer everything you want for your web pages, you can sign up with another service to provide special elements like forums, chat rooms, counters and polls. You will find one such site in the Resources section. If you want to create simple web pages, try a blog creation site like Blogger or LiveJournal rather than creating a traditional website. You can still put special elements on your pages, and they will automatically be linked.


  • close Occasionally, free web hosts will go out of business, and this can happen without warning. Always back up your files so if your host goes bankrupt, you can move your free web pages to another site without having to recreate them.

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