How to Speed Up My Internet Settings

by LissaJ

There are a few different ways you can make the Internet faster. Speeding up your Internet settings means doing things with various browser and operating system settings to make your computer and the Internet go faster. Much of the speed of the Internet is dependent on the type of Internet you have and on your connection. However, there are a few things you can to do to make it faster.


Set automatic downloads of computer and browser updates to take place once a week and in the middle of the night. Change these settings by going into your "Automatic Download" section of your Internet options or your Browser options and scheduling the downloads. This will prevent these from downloading while you are online.


Click on your Start Menu and then choose "My Computer." Choose "Internet connection options" or "Internet Options" depending on your operating system and browser.


Select the highest bit transfer rate from Internet Options and increase your security options to block pop ups and provide the highest security. This will tighten your Internet Connection and speed up download rates.


Download the newest versions of your operating systems and browsers from their specific websites. These versions should have bugs fixed and should be able to provide you with the quickest data transfer rate. Change your download settings to maintain the newest version and to automatically download it when available.

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