How Does SnagAJob Work?

by Janoah White

What Exactly Is is a website and service that allows job seekers to browse and apply for part-time and hourly positions. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, the company promotes itself as the largest job site for full- and part-time positions. According to the site, there are more than 10 million job seekers registered with The site allows users to create a personal job profile, which allows them to register and apply to jobs directly from the website. The profile includes name and contact information, as well as educational and former employment information. Individuals can also choose their own preferences in terms of the type of employment sought, the days and hours available, desired pay range and the distance they are willing to travel. Job seekers can use the site's search engine to browse jobs that are available in their area. Seekers can search by city, or even by ZIP code, to locate jobs that are convenient to them. The profile keeps a record of the jobs that have previously been applied for. In addition, the site provides tips on making your profile and resume better.

How SnagAJob Networks With Users also allows users to subscribe to receive newsletters and job information via email. Using this feature, the company will send information regarding local jobs that are hiring in your area directly to your email address. This allows users to quickly access jobs that meet their interests and apply to them. In addition, registered users can choose to receive a monthly job-seeker bulletin, in which they are given job tips and advice as well as information on new employers and jobs. Users can also choose whether to receive information from other companies that have partnered with SnagAJob. Some of these may be school or educational programs that may give users access to enrolling in programs that could provide them with better employment skills, or in which they can learn special skills in specific fields. For users who choose not to have this information sent directly to their email addresses, it can also be found on the site. The site also provides advice specific to different groups such as teens, students, mothers, those seeking summer employment and more.

Site Features gives job seekers access to a wage calculator, so that they are able to determine a general range of the amount they will be paid based upon factors like the particular job and their location. It's "Off the Clock" section is a social networking/blog community of sorts for those who are seeking employment. Here, there are lots of tips and info that is categorized for easy browsing. Employers have their own section that allows companies to easily post jobs in order to reach millions of job seekers. There are advice sections for the employers as well as for prospective employees. There is even a section on that allows users to send free e-cards directly from the site. Overall, this site serves as a community that gives employers and job seekers alike access to the resources and people they need in order to move forward in the hourly job market.

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