How to Create a Shoe Website

by Contributor

Making a website about shoes doesn't have to be difficult. There is likely a perfect site for you that you can quickly set up without even having to learn HTML.

Determine the purpose of your shoe website. Do you want to blog about shoes every day, or simply provide some interesting information and links about shoes? Or are you trying to sell your own handmade shoes? Once you know what your goal is, you can focus on creating a website that meets that goal.

Set up a "lens" page (see Resources) if you are trying to create an information page. Once you register your account, pick a shoe-related title for your lens and begin creating. You will be prompted to add a few paragraphs of information about yourself and your topic (shoes). The page you create will be divided into sections, so you can always add or remove a section later, or add links to other shoe-related websites online. If you link to shoes for sale, you can sometimes earn affiliate money as well.

Create a shoe blog (see Resources) if you want to post frequent thoughts about shoes. A blog generally has less static content than an information page but will highlight the new things you write about shoes every week. Be sure you pick a good name for your blog as your blogger name will also become the name of your site and cannot be changed once chosen.

Set up an online shop for your handmade shoes (see Resources). After you register your name and password, you'll need to set up a payment method--PayPal or credit card is recommended. Then begin posting some of your handmade work. In addition to setting prices for your shoes, you will also want to take digital photos (if possible) of your shoes and upload the pictures so people can see what they're buying.

Ask your friends to visit your website and give you honest feedback. If you receive criticism, think carefully about whether it is fair. If so, you may need to go back and edit your website to fix the problem. Be aware that if you have a website you constantly update, you will never really be finished with your website since it will always be in progress.


  • check Don't limit yourself to just one website. Feel free to create one of each type and have them all link to each other.


  • close Maintaining multiple websites can take time and effort, so if you're not generally motivated, consider starting with a single information website.

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