How to Set Up a Registration Website

by Joshua Duvauchelle

Websites are a set of public web pages published on the Internet. Most websites allow any individual to browse their contents. Some companies or individuals may wish to setup a registration-based website in order to restrict access to the posted web pages. Learn how to set up a registration website to monitor and moderate who is able to visit and read the web pages that make up your website.


Resist posting private or sensitive information on the website. Even registration-based websites that require a visitor to be approved by the website owner can be exploited, hacked or fall victim to a software security flaw. If you must share or transmit personal data, use email or postal mail.


Determine which portions of your website you wish to guard with a registration system. Some registration-based website software can add a login requirement to an entire site, while other software are focused on providing login capabilities to specific web pages. Knowing the extent to which you want to protect your website's contents will influence your choice of a registration system.


Add a server-side password registration system to the website. This is a customized piece of website code that requires visitors to register and provide certain information before accessing a specific page. This is a limited style of website registration. Several web-based companies offer free registration services of this sort. Two of the larger, free services include Bravenet's Password Protect and Zubrag's Web Page Password Protect (see Resources).


Consider moving your website to a forum software-based website. Several of the larger forum software developers have built-in features that enable you to manage content, interact with users and build a website based around a universal registration system. Visitors can be required to register an account and log in before accessing website materials. The advantage of this option is that the registration system covers all aspects of the site and users can customize their experience from their account page. Two of the larger forum programs that can be installed on your website include phpBB (free program) and vBulletin (paid software). Links to both programs can be found in the Resources section.

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