How to Set Up an Online Shopping Cart

by Contributor

Expand your business by selling your products on the Internet. Setting up an online shopping cart is a simple task. Either buy the shopping cart software and host it yourself or use an online shopping cart company. All you need is a basic knowledge of how to copy, paste and update your website.

Research available shopping cart companies or software. If this is your first time providing online sales, choose a company like Ecommerce, PayPal or another online cart supplier. If your company already has high online sales, buy shopping cart software and host it yourself.

Find the online shopping cart that is right for your company. Prices vary depending on the available shopping cart options. For a new website, use a cheaper cart with basic options. Many cart suppliers have levels of membership and options to choose from.

Sign up for a shopping cart service. You need your company's information, including the banking information, so the service can deposit online transactions into your account. You also need to set up a user name and password. Write down your password and store it in a safe place in case you forget it.

Set up your cart. Enter item information and prices into the appropriate form on the cart's website or in the cart's software. Some carts allow you to change colors and layouts of the cart page.

Add the shopping cart to your website. Either copy and paste the button information onto your website or add a hyperlink that leads to the cart to your website.

Upload your website to the server and wait for sales to come in.


  • check The cart supplier provides you with user information and a manual to explain the inner workings of the shopping cart.
  • check Update prices and items in the shopping cart by using the cart's software or directly on the cart service's website. You are able to update your cart anytime.