How to Set up a Free Classified Site

by Bobson St. Pierre

Classified ad websites are used for many things, such as finding cars, jobs and apartments. A number of sites allow visitors to post free classified ads, and some charge a fee. A number of websites on the Internet, including Craigslist, eBay and Backpage, provide this service. Because of their success, many are looking to get into this market and don't know how to start. A good way to start would be to purchase a prepackaged open-source classified PHP script. The script comes with the standard features that are expected from such websites. You would then set it up on your hosting server and customize it.

Come up with a plan for your classified website. Figure out what type of classified ad site you want to set up. Go online and do your research of various online classified scripts before you make your purchase. Look in Resources for recommendations.

Register your domain name (see Resources). The domain name registrar will give you access to your domain's control panel.

Purchase a hosting package. Make sure your Web hosting package meets all the requirements of your script for it to install and work properly. If you are not sure, contact tech support. Setting up the hosting will give you access to your FTP server and your DNS server entries.

Purchase a classified script. Download and unpack the script on your computer, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Log into your domain's control panel and change its DNS settings to point to your Web host's server.

Log into your Web host's CPanel and look for the MySQL icon. Open it to create a database for your classified script. If you are not sure about how to do this, contact the script's tech support team for help.

Download an FTP program. An FTP program transfers files between your computer and your Web host.

Log into your Web host's server using your FTP program and its authentication settings. Now upload the script files to your Web host's server.

Open your Web browser, type your Web address in the Search box and click "Search." You should see your new classified website.

About the Author

Bobson St. Pierre started writing professionally in 2007 as a copywriter for his Web design firm, Bobson Consulting Corp. He keeps a blog and has written an e-book titled, "Fail your way to success!" St. Pierre holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from DeVry University in North Brunswick, N.J.