How to Set Up Google Chrome & Firefox on Your Computer

by Travis Meyer

Featuring libraries of add-ons and extensions for customization, compatibility with HTML 5 and customizable skins, Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome Web browsers are supported on most operating systems. Both of the applications offer automated installation processes, meaning most of the setup is performed by the programs' installation packages. Once installed, the Web browsers render the Internet in your preferred language and will automatically notify you if software updates become available.

Google Chrome

Click the Windows orb and type "Internet Explorer" and press "Enter" to launch Internet Explorer.

Navigate to the Chrome download page (

Click the "Download Google Chrome" button.

Click the "Accept and Install" button. Internet Explorer downloads the Chrome installation package. The installation wizard automatically starts once the download is completed.

Click the "Choose" button below your preferred search engine in the "Welcome to Google Chrome" window. Google Chrome automatically imports your default browser's settings and launches, displaying a new browser window.

Mozilla Firefox

Click the Windows orb. Type "Internet Explorer" and press "Enter" to open Internet Explorer.

Go to the Firefox download page (

Click the "Firefox Free Download" button.

Click "Run" in the "Open File - Security Warning" pop-up window.

Click "Yes" in the "User Account Control" window, if it pops up.

Click the "Next" button in the "Mozilla Firefox Setup" window.

Click "Standard" in the "Setup Type" window and click the "Next" button.

Click "Finish" to finalize the Mozilla Firefox installation. Check "Launch Firefox Now" to automatically open Firefox after the program has finished the installation process.

About the Author

Travis Meyer is a co-editor at Poor Claudia and Pocket Notes. Also a front-end web developer, he specializes in server-side content management systems, web-based business solutions and graphic design.