How to Sell Tools on Craigslist

by Contributor

Tools are some of the most durable items sold on the Web site Craigslist. Even with a few years of use, tools can still maintain a high resale value, especially for top industry brands. In order to sell your tools on Craigslist, all you have to create a free listing, set a price and ship or deliver your items to a buyer.

Create a Free Listing

Go to the Craigslist home page (see Resources below) and select "Post to Classifieds."

Select the link "For Sale/Wanted."

Choose the "Tools" sub-category.

Click the link to your local area or create a new location.

Detail your item with a catchy title and concise description in the posting dialog box provided.

Enter your email address so that buyers can contact you. Keep in mind that buyers won't see your actual address, but an alias that will forward replies to your main account.

Add pictures to your listing by clicking on "Add/Edit Images" and browsing your computer for the files you'd like to add.

Set a Price

Choose a fair price for your tools. If the tools are brand new, consider selling them at 80 to 90 percent of your purchase price.

View similar ads on Craigslist to set a price at the average going rate.

Set a conservative price for old tools. No one is likely to pay even half of what you paid for 10-year-old tools.

Ship or Deliver Tools

Decide whether you want your buyer to assume the cost of shipping or to pick up the tools in person.

Negotiate payment terms prior to shipment/pickup. If shipping the tools, you should expect payment upon receipt in the form of a valid bank check or a third party secure service such as PayPal. If the buyer is picking up the tools, ask for cash. Never accept personal checks or even money orders if at all possible.


  • check If you want to sell your tools faster, always include a picture in your ad. It is free to do so and you can easily include multiple shots for large collections of tools.
  • check Make sure your tools are clean and in good shape before you take a picture of them, you want them to look as appealing as possible.


  • close Keep in mind that Craigslist will never ask you for personal information or passwords, even in email. If you receive email correspondence from what seems like Craigslist, always examine it carefully. There is a lot of spam out there that can trick you into giving up your user name and password to fraudulent parties. Craigslist helps you identify spam with their list of spoof emails (see Resources below).

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