How to Get Rid of Static on a Computer

by TS Jordan

Static, or fuzz, on your computer display is often caused by interference or an improperly functioning driver. Eliminate static using a two-part process: Ensure that your connections are tight and then ensure that you have the most recent display software installed on your computer. The entire procedure can be done in about 30 minutes or less.

Reach around to the back of your computer and ensure that your monitor cable is tightly connected to the machine. Perform the same task at the point where the cable connects to your monitor.

Go to the website of your video card's manufacturer and click on the "Drivers Download" page.

Enter the model number of your video card and click "Search."

Download the latest driver for your system.

Click "Save" to store the file on your hard drive.

Double click on the file and click "Install" to install the driver to your system. Restart your computer when the installation is complete.

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