How to Repair a Cutting Torch

by Jessica Reed

A cutting torch is an important piece of equipment for any wielding job. You want it to be in tip-top shape for working with. When something goes wrong, it's better to see if you can fix the problem yourself instead of buying a new one. Try these suggestions before deciding whether or not it's worth saving.

Find the problem first. Once you can name what exactly is wrong, it will be easier to find out what's causing it. Make a list of everything that seems wrong with your cutting torch.

Clean or replace the tip of the torch if you are having problems with the torch popping. The tip can also be the problem if your torch seems to have problems working, or it doesn't cut deep enough. In this case, make sure you're not using the wrong size tip.

Problems with maintaining a constant flame are a common issue that can make a cutting torch hard to use. This can often occur when the stainless steel balls become loose. Replace the valve stem assembly to fix this problem and get rid of flickering flames.

Replace the valve stem assembly as well if you have a leak around the valve stem. If this doesn't fix the problem, trying tightening the packing nut as it may have become loose, causing the leak.

Clean the torch parts and clear the hoses if you cannot discover the cause of the problem. If this does not help after the torch has been reassembled, it may need to be taken to a professional to be worked on. If they cannot fix it, buy a new cutting torch.


  • close A torch that is not repaired properly can be dangerous. If you are unsure, take it to a professional for repairs.

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