How to Remove Wordpad.exe

by Matthew Fortuna

Wordpad.exe, a popular program on Windows, has been overshadowed by the often easier to use Notepad program. Though the Wordpad program is difficult to delete because of its nature as a Windows program, it can be removed by deleting it from the computer's registry. Because it is a protected file, deleting it can alter the function of other Windows programs, but it can be restored easily through reinstallation of a Windows disc.


Click the \"Start\" menu on the lower left-hand corner of your desktop and click on the blank search bar in the pop-up menu.


Enter \"windows\\system32\\dllcache\" into the search bar and press \"Enter.\"


Delete the Wordpad.exe application from that menu and enter \"Windows\\ServicePackFiles\" into the search bar and press \"Enter.\"


Delete the Wordpad.exe application from this menu and restart your computer for the changes to take place.

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