How to Remove a Sponsored Link From a Home Page

by Larry Amon

If you're trying to do maintain a website with little or no money, you probably have sponsored links or advertisements showing up at the top, bottom or someplace else on your homepage. This may work temporarily, but for visitors to take your site seriously you're going to have to get those links removed. Getting the links removed may not be easy if you don't have money, but you do have a few options to consider.

Pay for a better site. The first thing you have to consider is paying or paying more for your site. Most hosts that offer free or low-cost website hosting offer an upgrade for a very small amount. The upgrade will remove the sponsors from your own page. You may still be using a sub-domain or you may have your own--it depends on the host. with a little more money you can upgrade to a site with no sponsored links. Hosting can be as cheap as $3 a month. If you want to make up that cost you can use Google AdWords to help pay for the costs. This is basically another form of sponsored link, but you're more in control.

Sign up for free hosting with no advertisements. There are companies that offer free hosting with no advertisements or sponsored links, such as the site X10hosting. The host will require something from you, such as participating in forums, to help make up the cost. There will also likely be limits on your website that offer less flexibility than you would get with paid hosting.

Use Blogger. is a free service that lets anyone write a blog for free with no advertisements. There are other websites that allow free blogs, but Blogger is the most well known and will give you a URL that looks like this: (yourname) Different sites have different formats and options. This can be the best way to establish an Internet presence with no sponsored ads or links.

Call customer support. If you really want to keep the website you have on your current host, try calling or emailing customer support and asking them what you can do to remove sponsored links or ads.

About the Author

Larry Amon has been working in the computer field for more than 10 years and has experience writing scripts, instructional articles and political commentary. He has been published online, as well as in "NRB Magazine" and "Delmarva Youth & Family." He started a nonprofit media organization in 2000.

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