How to Remove Page Numbers From a PowerPoint

by Tara Kimball

When you create a PowerPoint presentation, the application includes an option to print slide numbers on each page, making it easier to keep your presentation in order and know what slide you are on. If you prefer to remove the page numbers from the slides, you can edit the Header and Footer settings in your application for that specific file to remove the page numbers from the entire presentation or a few pages.


Open the PowerPoint file you want to modify. Select the slides that you want to remove the page numbers from in the Overview tab by clicking them. Select multiple slides by holding the "Ctrl" key while you click.


Click "View" in the upper menu bar. Select "Header and Footer" in the menu list.


Choose the "Slide" tab. Click the check box beside "Slide Number" to clear the check mark. Click "Apply" to remove the numbers from only certain slides or "Apply to All" to remove the page number from all of the slides.


Close the Header and Footer dialog box.

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