How to Remove a Name From Intelius

by Darci Anne Gilbert

Intelius is a company that maintains an extensive database of public information about people. They sell this information to companies that need to perform background checks on potential employees as well as to consumers who would like to obtain specific background information about others. The Intelius database can be useful for someone trying to track down a long-lost friend or relative, but it is also invasive. Those who are highly protective of their privacy may wish to learn how to remove their names from Intelius's People Search database.

Make a copy of your driver's license to use as your "form" when you ask to remove a name from Intelius. To make sure that the individual requesting removal from the system is not an impostor, Intelius requires a copy of a state-issued form of ID, such as a driver's license or ID card.

Cover up the photo and your driver's license number, but make sure that your name, address and birth date are still visible.

Fax the copy of your license and a note requesting removal of your name and information to Intelius at (425) 974-6194. Intelius will only accept a faxed request for removal of information.

Wait four to six weeks for the removal of your name to fully take effect in the Intelius system.


  • check According to the Intelius Privacy FAQ, Intelius allows law enforcement, government officials and people who have court orders to seal their records to opt out their information.


  • close If more information about a person's name becomes available via public records after the removal process, this new information will be entered into the Intelius database.
  • close To prevent new information from being added to the Intelius system, Intelius recommends you go to your county records office and have your records sealed from the public via court order.

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