How to Remove the History in ACDSee

by Chris Hoke

ACDSee is a photo viewing, management and organization application created by the ACD Systems for use on Microsoft Windows operating systems. The program allows the user to browse image thumbnails, create galleries and slide shows, and synchronize image folders across a network, among many other features. ACDSee stores a history of the most recently used folders and image files, which poses a privacy risk when sharing the computer between multiple users. Fortunately, you can clear the ACDSee history from within the program and also set the history to clear each time you exit the program.

Launch the ACDSee program. Click the "Tools" menu and choose "Options."

Click "Manage Mode" in the left pane.

Click to place a check in the "Clear Path History on Exit" option. Click the "OK" button.

Locate the "Quick Search" field at the top of the central image browsing area.

Click the arrow on the right side of the "Quick Search" field and choose "Clear History" to immediately clear the ACDSee search history.

Close the ACDSee program window to clear the file and path history.

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