Reinstalling Windows Media Player 11 on Vista

by Adam Cloe Ph.D./M.D.

Why can't I normally reinstall Windows Media Player 11?

Many people have had issues in which their copy of Windows Media Player 11 develops some sort of glitch or error and no longer works properly. Normally, this sort of problem could be fixed by reinstalling the program but, as many people have discovered, this is harder than it seems. This is because the Windows Media Player 11 (the version which comes bundled with Vista) is integrated into the operating system. While it is possible to try to reinstall it with the XP version of Vista, often the system will not recognize the reinstalled version. Because Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) is directly intertwined with the Vista system, it cannot be removed and reinstalled like other programs.

Options involving the Vista system

Technically speaking, the only way to reinstall WMP11 is to reinstall the Vista system. This will reinstall all of the components of Vista, which includes the integrated media player. This can be a hassle, however, as this process can take several hours and may involve the loss of important settings and documents. Another option, similar to reinstalling, is to do a system restore. This will restore the settings of Vista (and its components, including WMP11) to previous states.

Options involving WMP11 directly

In some cases, it may be possible to fix the problem, not by reinstalling it, but by fixing whatever glitch has occurred. Sometimes this error is related to the security settings as they relate to WMP11. As a result, signing into Vista as a administrator may fix the problem. Other options include running a specific Vista patch. By clicking on the Window's button and selecting the run option and then typing "regsvr32 wmp.dll," you can run this program. It may be able to fix the problem with WMP11.

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