How to Reinstall the Google Toolbar

by Ryan Menezes

The Google Toolbar for browsers adds several features for Web users. It checks the spelling of data you enter, automatically fills forms, translates Web pages and links to Gmail. Some of its more controversial features include AutoLink, which converts Web copy to commercial links, and Sidewiki, which adds user comments to websites.

The toolbar leaves your computer easily through a button from the toolbar itself. Reinstall it just as easily, directly from your browser.

Uninstall the Google Toolbar

Click on the arrow next to the Google Toolbar wrench icon.

If you use Internet Explorer, select "Uninstall the Google toolbar" from the next window.

If you use Firefox, select "Uninstall" from this menu.

Reinstall Google Toolbar

Visit the toolbar's official site (see Resources).

Click "Install Google Toolbar."

Click "Agree and Install" on the next page.

If your browser opens a window or infobar saying that it's preventing the page from installing software, click "Allow."

Click "Install now" on the new window that opens. Your browser will begin downloading the installation file.

Restart your browser.

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