How to Register a Web Site With Search Engines

by Contributor

Search engines catalog and index Web sites so users can find what they're looking for quickly and easily. Registering your site will make it more likely to be found by the people you're trying to reach.

Use meta tags and keywords on your Web pages. Keywords are used by search engines to index pages into a searchable database. See Related eHows for more.

Register with individual search engines, such as Yahoo, by going to the search engine's home page and looking for a button or text link called Add URL or Add Web Page.

Click on this link to get directions for submitting your Web site.

Several sites offer site submission services. The most popular service, Submit It, allows you to enter keywords and descriptions, and choose which sites to submit your page to.


  • check Some of the submission sites offer for-cost services that include higher ranking or more in-depth descriptions.


  • close When you submit your e-mail address through a third-party submission site, your e-mail address is often sold or given to marketing companies. Sign up for a free e-mail address (see "How to Get a Free E-mail Account") where you can direct all Webmaster e-mails.

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