How to Redo a Shortcut in Microsoft Word

by Ruri Ranbe

Microsoft Word includes its own default shortcuts for common commands, such as "Ctrl-B" for Bold or "Ctrl-I" for Italics, but you can modify those shortcuts at any time if necessary. The shortcuts in MS Word are designed for a U.S. keyboard, so if you're using a different layout, certain keyboard sequences might not work. Alternatively, if you created your own custom shortcuts, you may have inadvertently copied over a default shortcut. If one or more keyboard sequences stop working in Word, you can recreate the shortcut or shortcuts in Word Options.


Select "File" from the menu bar and then choose "Options" from the left to open Word Options.


Select "Customize Ribbon" from the left pane and then click "Customize" next to Keyboard Shortcuts.


Choose from the left the category that contains the command you want to redo the shortcut for and then choose from the right the command you want to modify.


Select the keyboard sequence from under Current Keys and then click "Remove."


Enter your keyboard shortcut into the "Press New Shortcut Key" field. If your keyboard sequence conflicts with an existing shortcut, the message "Currently Assigned to: [X]" will appear, with "[X]" representing the name of the command.


Click "Assign" to redo the keyboard shortcut for the selected command.

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