How Do You Put a URL on Your Computer?

by Christina Freeman

If you would like to save a URL on your computer in order to view later, it is very simple to do. You may need to save a recipe you found online or save an article to read later while on an airplane; saving a URL on your computer allows you to read a web page any time, whether you're connected to the Internet or not.


Connect to the Internet through the computer you wish to put a URL on. Open up the browser you typically use to view web pages (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and so forth).


Go to the web page you wish to save on your computer. Click on "File" >> "Save As" from the top menu bar of the browser you are using.


Navigate to the place on the hard drive of your computer where you want to save this web page. Type the name of the web page you're saving in the name field.


Choose "Web Page, Complete" from the drop-menu titled, "Save as Type" underneath the name of the web page. Click "Save."


  • check Make sure to save your web page in a place you can easily access for later.
  • check Name the web page an appropriate name so that you can find it later.
  • check To view your web page, simply click on it, and it will open.

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