How to Put a Web Page on the Internet

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A web page is your personal space on the Internet. You can choose the content and design that will go into your web page, because this reflects who you are. When you are tired of using online sites to host your blogs, perhaps that is the time to have your own space. It is easy to put a web page on the Internet with the right tools and direction.

Buy a domain. Domain vendors include GoDaddy, which sells domain names for less than $10. When you buy a domain, you will receive information about your FTP address, which you will need later.

Organize and create your content. If you are going to put a blog on your web page, be sure to take this into consideration when designing the page. Choose from the various blogging tools that are available. You can install Wordpress on your site and blog through it, or you can also use an external site like Livejournal and embed it on your web page.

Design your web page, either from a template or from scratch. If you have experience designing websites, you can make your site more personalized by doing it yourself. If you have little to no experience, you can take advantage of templates that are available online. You can also use software that allows you to design web pages easily, such as iWeb or Dreamweaver.

Install an FTP program and transfer your files. When your design is finished, you can then transfer the files from your desktop to the web. You will need your domain address and an FTP program. An FTP program allows you to connect to your domain address so you can upload, download or browse your files online. A popular program is CuteFTP, which lets you transfer files easily without knowing any computer codes.

Use a web browser to visit the site to make sure that everything is working properly. Creating a web site entails a lot of details, and usually the first time you upload a file will not be the last. Make sure that what you created is identical to what you see online, because viewers will only see the online version, and it needs to be presentable.

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