How to Find a Free PC Cleaner

by Nathan McGinty

A PC cleaner makes an excellent software addition to your computer. These programs can clear up a number of problems with your PC's operating system, making your computer run faster and freeing up space on your hard drive. There are a number of these cleaners available on the Internet, most of them free to try out and evaluate. is one site that helps users navigate through some of the free software available to help keep your PC clean.

Go to and click the "Freeware" tab at the top of the screen.

Review the results and decide what type of cleaner best suits your purpose. Some cleaners are made for optimizing your registry, while others concentrate on finding and getting rid of temporary files that clutter up your system.

Select the program that best suits your need and click "Download." The program should begin downloading immediately.


  • check Although these programs are free for evaluation, many will run only a certain number of times before they expire. Or they request that you make a small donation in order to continue using them. is just one of a number of sites that provide free software links. See the Resources below for others.


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