How to Find Part-Time Jobs Online

by Contributor

Working part-time allows people to use spare time productively and make some money. Students gain first-hand experience while working in business setups, while stay-at-home moms can put their education and previous employment experience to work for them. Senior citizens too can find many opportunities suiting their schedule and health.

Go to popular search engines such as Yahoo!, Google or AOL and search for "part-time jobs" and similar keywords. The search engines show several listings. Thoroughly explore all results listed on at least the first results page, which typically shows links best matching the search criteria.

Browse through the frequently-used search engines' own job portals, which offer a better chance of coming across more employers. Use their discussion forums to network.

Become a member of an online support group such as those found in Yahoo! Many of these are job-related and expose you to the latest trends, events and opportunities in your field of choice.

Browse through popular job portals such as Dice and Monster, which usually have a special section on part-time jobs. Become a member to do personalized searches.

Try and, which are great platforms for freelancers, especially those who would like to work part-time. In addition to offering basic free membership, these sites work through paid memberships, bringing serious job seekers and employers in contact with each other.

Use networking sites such as LinkedIn and MySpace to form a network of like-minded people. The more people you network with, the higher are the chances of you getting a good break.

Try Web sites such as that are dedicated to assisting interested candidates find suitable part-time opportunities. In their endeavor to help people, such sites have several informative articles and other resources. Read the articles to learn tricks of the trade and explore jobs posted on the sites.

Check Coolworks and SnagAJob, which focus on seasonal and summer jobs. Interested candidates can do a location-specific search to find part-time jobs close to their area of residence. The sites also offer industry and job-based searches.

Visit Web sites of major retail stores such as JC Penney and WalMart, most of which hire part-time employees through the year. They also accept applications online.

Check Web sites about your city or state for information on job fairs and other job-oriented topics. Older workers may particularly benefit by checking the sites of local community colleges that run hobby- and education-enhancing classes, and constantly need experienced people who can teach.


  • check Interact online with others. If you have a skill, write about it and let others know about your abilities.
  • check Students can check out (see link, below), a site dedicated to college placements. Several part-time entry level positions are posted on the site.
  • check Working part-time does not necessarily mean being employed with an organization. Instead, you can start your own business by becoming a service provider such as a freelancer, consultant, interior designer, beauty specialist, crafter or an artist.
  • check Studies show that in 2005, approximately 20 percent more seasonal workers were hired by retail stores to take care of the additional holiday season shopping. This 20 percent translated to 629,000 additional personnel. Positions included marketing, hourly sales, prevention of loss, inventory checking, customer care and cashier to name a few.


  • close Beware of scams. Remember that a genuine work opportunity will never require you to pay. All so called part-time opportunities that tell you to send them money so you get profitable work are frauds.
  • close Students, teenagers and their parents must check the credentials of prospective employers. What appears great online may be in reality a risky situation.
  • close Read the fine print before signing any contract.

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