Free Online Diploma Programs

by Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Most online education websites charge specific fees for using their materials and for testing to achieve diplomas and degrees. Most of this is done at the student's own pace, making the possibility for higher education affordable and attainable when it wouldn't be otherwise. For those who have yet to earn their high school or GED diploma, there are programs online that will provide the courses free of charge so there is never a reason to pay any fees in order to become a high school graduate from home.

Connections Academy

Connections Academy is a fully accredited school for elementary, middle and high school students. Students can do all their learning from home on the computer, as the Academy provides every core course needed in order to graduate. Courses are taught by certified teachers and the school even offers extra curricular activities, like a debate club. Connections Academy


This high school is fully accredited as a public high school and is funded as such, which makes attending their virtual school free to the general public. Most text books needed are provided online as e-guides, and all materials, testing and instruction are done at the computer. Students looking to earn their high school diploma must pass the Idaho standards tests, and iSucceed arranges for these tests to be taken close to the student's home. iSucceed

Columbia North

Students can enroll online and immediately begin the process of achieving their high school diploma. Their online program was designed for students without a lot of time but who need to earn their diploma for higher education opportunities and job opportunities. The tests for each subject can be taken at any time, so receiving the diploma depends on each individual completing the online course. Columbia North

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