How to Meet Local Singles Online for Free

by Curtis Fease

Many people have given up on conventional ways of finding dates and turned to the internet. There are several sites that claim they will pick out the best match for you, for a monthly fee. Several people do not know, however, that it is easy to find local singles online for free. Making use of a few social network websites, you can possibly find your soul mate, all for the low price of free.

Meet Singles on Myspace

Register for Myspace at If you already have a Myspace account, sign in. If not, click on "Sign Up." This will take you to the sign up page. Enter all of your information. Make sure you enter everything (including age and zip code) correctly, as this will help others find you if they're searching for love and you pique their interest.

Click on the link on your Myspace page that says "Upload" next to Photos, or the "Add/Edit Photos" link. This will allow you to upload a picture, which is very important in your online search for love.

After uploading a picture, hover your cursor over the "Profile" link. Go down to the "Edit Profile" link and click it. Enter all information that you think someone would be interested in and save it. After saving, hover your cursor over the "Friends" link. Move down to the "Browse People" link and click it

Click on what you are looking for in a person to date. The basic information the search will look for is sex, age, relationship status, and how close they are to a given zip code. Enter your zip code and indicate how far away from that zip code you want Myspace to search. If you click "Advanced," near the top right of the search box, you will be given many other options. These options include ethnicity, education and body type. Once you click "Update" after selecting your preferences, Myspace will show you a large group of people from your area that match those preferences.

Scan through the profiles that come up to see if anyone piques your interest. Some people may have private profiles, at which time you must add them to view their profiles. Most users, however, will allow you to message them. Select a few people, or just one special one, and send them a message to start up a conversation. Let them know you thought their profile was interesting. Ask any questions you may be wondering. Remember, only people with "Single" selected as their relationship status will show up on your search, so you don't have to worry about hitting on someone who is taken.

Check back at your Myspace often to see if anyone has contacted you.

Meet Singles on myYearbook

Browse to in your internet browser. When the page comes up, look to the right where it says "Join Now Free." Enter all of your information here and accept the terms, then click "Join Free." If this section is no longer on the page, click on "Sign Up," enter your information, and click "Done."

Follow the instructions until you are told to select a photo to upload. Pick out your favorite photo of you and upload it onto the site. This will allow other interested singles to see you. You will be taken to your home page after this.

Look for the magnifying glass near the top right of your home page. Click on the magnifying glass and you will be taken to a browse page. Click on the "Advanced Search" tab. Select what you are looking for in a partner, including how many miles within your zip code you want them to live. Make sure you click the "Single" box, then click "Search". MyYearbook may now ask that you enter a code they provide. Do not worry, this is just spam protection. Enter the code and continue. MyYearbook will then give you a usually large list of people that match your criteria.

Look through the profiles myYearbook returned and see if anyone interests you. Now you can send these people messages. MyYearbook also allows you to subtly let someone know you like them. You can click on the small heart on someone's profile to secretly admire them, and then myYearbook will inform them someone has a crush, and they'll be given the chance to find out who you are by admiring you back. If they like you as well, myYearbook will let you know. You can also click on the set of lips on someone's page to flirt with them, without sending a message. All of these methods will allow you to break the ice.

Keep checking back and searching at myYearbook. New people sign up everyday, and someone may be trying to reply to one of your flirts.


  • check You can also sign up at and search for locals. Hot or not doesn't give the option to find singles, but you can easily match with people in your area. One of you must have a paid membership to chat, so it is not completely free for both people. You can narrow your search at Myspace by selecting clicking the boxes next to "here for dating/relationships". This will only show you people who are actively looking for relationships.


  • close Make sure put safety first. If you find someone online and decide to meet them, make sure the first time you meet is in a public place

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