How to Find My Master Browser in an iMac Computer

by Craig Witt

Sometimes called the master browser, your computer's default browser is the application that automatically launches when you click on a hyperlink, open a Web page stored on your computer or attempt to view certain types of image files. The Apple Mac operating system that powers your iMac uses Safari as its default browser. Oddly, even if you previously selected another browser as your system's default, you are only able to verify or change this setting through Safari. Once you know where to look, finding the menu screen that lists your default browser requires just a few clicks.

Open a Safari browser window.

Click the "Safari" item in the top menu bar and select "Preferences."

Click the "General" button near the top of the "Preferences" window.

Look to the "Default Web Browser" label, located just below the top menu bar of the "Preferences" window. Your current default browser will be listed in the adjacent drop-down menu.


  • check To change your default browser, simply click the "Default Web Browser" drop-down menu, select another application and then close the "Preferences" window.

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