How to Make a Website Appear in Google's First Page

by Bobson St. Pierre

Everyone wants his or her website to appear on the first page of a Google search, so yours will have quite a bit of competition. In order to get top ranking in Google, you are going to have to learn some new terms, such as "on-page optimization," "Pay Per Click (PPC)" and "keyword research." Once you understand these terms and apply them, then you are on your way to having your page appear on the first page of a Google search.

Research your competitors' first-page ranking. See if any of your competitors' websites appear on the first page of a Google search. If they do, note the keywords that you typed in Google that resulted in them appearing on the first page. Come up with at least five keywords using this method.

Perform keyword research. Go to the Google Keyword Tool website and submit the five keywords from Step 1 into the finder. Click on the "Local Search Volume" column to sort the keywords and phrases by most searched to least. Check each word or phrase for its popularity, how much competition is associated to them, and its monthly and global volume. Look at the keyword phrases that get the highest search volume and lowest competition. If a keyword has high volume and too much competition you will get a very low ranking or no first-page appearance at all. You want phrases that receive the highest search volume and lowest competition.

Go back to your website and perform on-page optimization. Enter the keywords from the research in Step 2 in the following places on your website: Meta tags, Description tags, Image tags, Content and the Title tag. When you perform a search in Google using particular keyword phrases, the results come from information in the Title and Description tags.

Build links. E-mail or contact websites and ask if they can place your link on their website and in turn you'll reciprocate with theirs. The more high-traffic websites you have linked to yours, the higher your ranking in Google will increase.

Send out press releases. Include the keywords from Step 2 in your press release content. Press releases are picked up quickly by Google news and can instantly place your website on the first page, and on its way to top page rank.

Use Pay Per Click (PPC) if you have the capital and want to appear on Google's first page fast. Sign up for an account on Google's marketing site (Google Adwords). Create an advertisement and optimize it with your keywords. Place the keywords in the ad's title and description, provide a bidding price, and post it. You can appear on Google's first page instantly.

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