How to Make Your Own Website in Canada

by Allan Hu

Starting a website in Canada is easy. Many Canadian Web hosts are available for you to choose from. In addition, free content management systems enable you to create a professional website without knowing any Internet programming languages. These systems (such as WordPress and Joomla) act as platforms and templates for your website. They are highly customizable and versatile. Most Web hosts have built-in tools that install these systems on your website for you.

Choose a Web host. Web hosts store and share your Web pages on the Internet. Even though you reside in Canada, you should pick a Web host with servers closest to the bulk of your audience. If your website attracts an American audience, you may want to choose Host Gator, a service with many servers located in the United States. Popular Canadian hosts include Canada Web Hosting, BlueFur and PrimeHost.

Choose a domain name (for example, During sign up, you will be asked to choose a name for your website. Keep in mind that .com websites tend to have better resell values than .net websites (and most other extensions as well). Use a .org extension if your website is for a free/nonprofit organization. Keep your name short and related to your website's content. You cannot easily change this name in the future, so be careful.

Install the content management system of your choice. WordPress and Joomla are common systems that are used by millions of websites. These systems are open-source and completely free. Web hosts almost always provide a tool that installs these systems for you. Check on the system's website for help if you cannot find an automatic installation tool.

Add content to your website using your content management system's features. For example, WordPress allows you to publish posts and pages and add informational widgets. You can use a text/HTML editing tool to build Web pages. It is up to you as the webmaster to choose what to put on your site. Keep in mind that your content should be relevant to the overall website topic.

Customize your website. Content management systems allow you to create personalized websites with ease. For example, WordPress allows you to add widgets to your sidebars, change visual themes and install plug-ins.


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