How to Make Your Own Love Match Website

by Emilia Lamberto

Meeting people online has become much easier with social networking websites such as Myspace and Facebook. More match-making websites are popping up as well. Creating your own match-making website can possibly make some money in the long run as well as allow users to meet potential mates without having to go through the whole dating thing first. Creating your own match-making website takes lots of time and effort, but can be done when the proper steps are taken.


Study up on XHTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. All of these different coding languages are important to running a love-match website. These websites will require databases, creative formatting and more. You can learn all of these codes from W3 Schools (See References.).


Consider the investment and make a budget. In order to create a website that rivals other love-match websites, you will need to put some money towards the designing. You will need a web host, a domain name, designers and team members (if needed), sponsors, and possibly even more. All of this requires some pay.


Gather a web-development team. Building a site of this capacity will require lots of time and effort. It's almost impossible for someone to do this on their own. If you know any friends with experience in graphic design, programming, coding or informational technology, ask them if they'd be interested in helping. Otherwise, contact web- development firms to find people with the right skills.


Create a work schedule. A love-match website could possibly take months, even years to complete. Outline the days of the week that you will be working and for how many hours each day. It would also be wise to create some sort of plan on what you'll be doing on specific days. For example, "Monday - Formatting/CSS."


Purchase a web-hosting plan. Consider your ISP or internet service provider as they usually have extremely fast internet access, and this is important for critical issues. The host that you choose will need to support PHP and MySQL. With these two types of code, you will be able to create a database that acts as storage. This database will keep information about the members of your website. This is what will allow you to compare members with other members in order to determine compatibility.


Choose and purchase a domain name. The domain name should be catchy and should be relevant to the topic of your website, which, in this case, is a love-match website. For example, "" wouldn't be a good choice. Something along the lines of "" would be more relevant.


Construct a privacy policy. Every website needs a privacy policy when the member will be giving up personal information such as their phone numbers, email or home address. This ensures the member that their information is protected and let's them know whether or not their information will be sent to a third-party. You can construct a privacy policy online with the Direct Marketing Association or with Trust E (See References.).


Create a "Terms of Use," "Rules & Regulations," or "Conditions & Terms" for your website. You can do this either by starting from scratch and writing it yourself, or you could examine other website's terms and keep what you'd like and edit the terms to fit your site. Once you've created your terms of use, contact a lawyer or talk to your attorney to determine whether the terms are enforceable and properly worded. This will help to avoid any legal action that may be taken against you by someone using the website.


Restrict the website to users who are 18 years of age and older. This will help you to avoid any lawsuits having to do with minors and will also keep you from having to monitor minors while they are on the website. This will save a lot of hassle and will also avoid lawsuits.


Design your website. Choose or design a template that really stands out and still remains relevant to the site. Because the site is about love-matches, the design should show that.


Double-check your website to make sure that everything is in working order. If desired, create a group of "testers" who will join the site and begin using the interactive interface. Allow them to complete a poll based on the experience and edit your website accordingly.

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