How to Make an Order Form to Sell My Book

by Carl Hose

The power to reach a wide audience with the Internet and an influx of software and technology that makes it easy for authors to write, create and market their own books has made self publishing an appealing option. Many authors are establishing personal websites and selling their work online. To sell your book online or to bookstores, you'll need to develop a simple order form that makes the process of receiving and filling orders easy and efficient.

Open your word processor. Go to the "File" menu and select "New" to create a new blank document. If you want to use a template to create an order form in Word or Write, choose the "Template" option instead of a blank document, then select the order form template as close to what you need as you can find.

Type the words "Order Form" at the top of your page, go to the font format menu and set the font size to 26. You can add words to the order form title, such as the name of your company or the name of the book itself. Drop down two spaces, left justify your text and set the font size to 14.

Write a brief synopsis of the book for customers, as well as information regarding the available versions. Go to the "Insert" menu, choose "Picture" and add a small image of the cover at the end of the synopsis.

Go to the "Insert" menu and create a table with four columns and four rows. Type the title of the book in the first column with the edition in parenthesis. Various editions might include softcover, hardcover and signed. Type the word "Price" in the second column, "Quantity" in the third column and "Total" in the fourth column.

Type the name and mailing address of your company below the order form information.

Drop down one space and type the payment methods you accept. Use your underscore key to add a short line after each option for customers to check their payment method.

Drop down one space after the last payment option, type the word "Total," and use your underscore to create a line where customers can write the amount of their purchase.

Type the words "Mailing Address" beneath the total and include a separate line for the customers name, street, city and state, and zip code. Use the underscore key on your computer to create a long enough line for your customers to write this information.


  • check While you can use templates in most word processors to create forms, creating a form by hand with a table for something as specific as a book is often less time consuming than modifying a template to suit your needs.

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