How to Make A Landing Page

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Landing pages are essential to have with your website. If you just have a website with thousands of visitors will they ever remember to come back? The average time someone has to be contacted by you is around nine times before they start to think about your information. A landing page is made to capture Visitor's Email address and name. You need to bribe people to sign up with a free gift to sign up.

Landing page.

TITLE. This is what you see in the blue box at the top of your page in the browser. The title search engines will display. Using PPC will be used to judge if your PPC words are relevant.

HEADLINE. Title on this page visitors will see needs keywords and relevance to your PPC campaigns.

Another version of a landing page.

SUB-HEADLINE. This is optional but good to have. Continue with main benefits you offer.

AUDIO MESSAGE. Optional but becoming more of an asset.

Sexercise has lots of body.

BODY COPY. Have some text on your landing page - at least 200 words. Keep your article in line with your adwords. Bullet lists are good.

SIgn up area is easy to find on this landing page.

SIGN-UP AREA. Your autoresponder will provide you with the code to put on your page. Make sure your autoresponder has a counter and statistical page. Aweber is very simple. Some out there are free for 60 days and take longer than that to go to their live webinars, etc.

LINKS TO OTHER PAGES. Links to other pages such as your website, sign up forms, etc. Links to other articles on Ezines.

FREE GIFT. Free SPecial Report, ebook or educational emails. Turn into a PDF.


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