How to Load Maps on Garmin Etrex

by Daniel Ketchum

The Garmin Etrex is one of the best small GPS units you can find. It is ideal for those who are hiking in the woods or going on a short canoe trip, and don't want to be encumbered with something larger. But to get the full use out of the unit, you need to load maps that are relevant to where you are going.


Purchase the Mapsource software from an online company like City Navigator, Transoft or some other.


Install the software to the same computer that you use for your Internet connection. Then go online, go to your account on MyGarmin, and register and unlock the new software.


Pick the maps you would like to install on the Etrex itself, connect the Etrex to the computer, and load the maps up straight from the site. They are now ready for use.

Items you will need

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