How to Learn Cisco CCNA Training For Free

by Chad Anderson

Certifications have become the backbone that human resource departments rely on when filtering through applicants for information technology jobs. The Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, certification is on of the base certifications for those looking to go into networking or systems administration. Unfortunately, certification companies make their money off of charging exorbitant amounts for study materials and tests. Using free offline and Web-based resources, you can study for the CCNA without having to pay for anything other than the final testing fee.

Use the study guides at your local library. Although the guides may be a few years behind, the basic networking principles will apply across the board. Although technology is constantly changing, the fundamentals are essential to understanding how networks have developed.

Use Web-based information sources and study guides to come up-to-date on more recent Cisco developments (see Resources). A number of websites cater to providing free study materials for the CCNA and other certifications.

Create flashcards either on paper or for your mobile device and review them often. Some sites offer free flashcards for mobile devices (see Resources).

Take a Web-based practice test to find out where you need to study more. A number of free, Web-based places are available to take CCNA practice tests. Don't pay for the expensive practice tests offered by some testing centers.

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