How to Find Keywords

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Keywords and keyword phrases are the terms that are specifically implemented in website content. Certain keywords are chosen based on their search popularity, level of competition, and their estimated cost per click (CPC). Finding keywords for your content can be tough in the beginning, but once you learn where to look, it will become second nature. Learn where and how to find keywords:


Search for the right keyword tool. Many are free, while some charge a fee, but most depend on the same source to compile their information: the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Google has built one of the most informative tools for advertisers and publishers alike, and it's the best place to start looking for keywords. The tool is free to use.


Start with topics you know. Enter one or two keywords into the search box at the top of the keyword tool and hit search. You'll receive a list of keywords related to your initial search terms, along with the current competition and the previous month's search volume.


Find keywords using Google's search engine, or test the popularity of the keywords you have selected. Visit Google's homepage to use their search engine and type in your keywords, one at a time. Google has a function that "completes" your possible search term, based on popularity. For example, if the keyword you enter is "shoes," Google suggest terms like "shoes for crews" or "shoes on sale" in the drop-down box. Because these results are based on popularity, it's a great way to find potential keywords.

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