How to Get Into Internet Options When They Are Blocked

by Liana Thomas

Internet options may be blocked on a computer for multiple reasons. For instance, the firewall, anti-spyware or anti-virus systems installed on the computer may be blocking access to a computer's tools, which include the Internet options. Another possibility is that an invading virus is to blame. If this is the case, then the virus could have made its way into the computer's system and blocked the user from accessing the Internet options.

Click on the "Start" button (the Windows logo at the bottom left corner of the computer screen). Open "regedit.exe," which is the registry editor file. If you are using Windows XP, then click "Run" after clicking "Start" in order to open the registry editor.

Open the "My Computer" files and go to the user section. Open the "Software" files and choose "Policies." Inside the "Policies" files, click "Microsoft" and then click "Internet Explorer."

Click on the "Restrictions" button. If the computer does not already have key restrictions, then they may be created at this time.

Delete the "NoBrowserOptions" key. If this is not an option, then change the key's value to zero.

Restart the Internet browser.


  • close If the Windows Registry is not modified correctly, then the computer may develop problems.
  • close If a virus has blocked Internet options, then you may need to remove the virus before you can access the Internet options. Viruses can be removed using the computer's anti-virus system. If the anti-virus is also being blocked, you likely have to take the computer for professional servicing.

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